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On messiness & authenticity

These past few weeks my brain has been overflowing with ideas for how I want to run this business. Things I want to share with you all. Ideas to collaborate. Ways to make a lasting impression on my clients so I feel like the experience is less transactional, more rich in meaning.

But when it comes time to sit down and type another blog or social media post I encounter a lot of internal resistance.

Is anyone else a private person in a digital world?

I saw somewhere (let’s be honest, I’m probably referencing Tiktok) that everything you want in life is on the other side of cringe.

When I consider that, though it feels strange to write this to an imaginary audience (because no one is there yet, I am still trying to build to something, ya know? But if you’re actually reading this let’s be friends.) I feel compelled to keep going. Maybe there’s always a little risk with reward.

How much do you share with the world? Are you supposed to only present a confident and polished image, one inundated with success?

If you’re searching for a photographer like that, you should probably keep on looking. I am going to keep it all the way real, even if it’s scary. After all, most of the people I photograph range in emotion from unfamiliar to uncomfortable when in front of a camera. I’m not going to leave them alone and vulnerable out there.

So, here are some things cluttering my brainspace that might behoove anyone interested in working with Dusted Light Photo to know:

  • I am still getting over the mollywhop that comes when strangers find me and choose to hire me because they like my photography. Or when their friends contact me because they’ve referred them to me. I hope this never becomes less astonishingly cool.

  • My current goal when it comes to social media marketing is to get my new account to 50 followers. Read it and weep, influencers.

  • I have assisted at a wedding, but I’ve yet to photograph one on my own. BUT I WOULD LOVE TO. I have one scheduled on the books for a friend’s brother, and another that I am assisting in September. For the longest time I never offered the service, because I was nervous. How silly - I have years of experience, and so much passion and love for what I do. There will be a lot to learn, but I just know I will do my absolute best when the day comes. If you are in Ohio and looking for a budget wedding photography option, please contact me so we can work together and make the deal of a lifetime. Just putting that out into the universe for some really cool person to find.

  • My day job is managing a small team and taking photos of motorcycles and cars for a marketing company. I still haven’t decided if I’m too scared to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

And that’s all I have for today, folks. Join me again soon so I can embarass myself further

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