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On magical spaces

Altar. A sacred, magical space where we pour our energy, love and gratitude.

These are the words lovingly summoned from the creative mind of Kate (AKA the Coyote Woman) (AKA the owner of Altar Artistry) the founder of the hottest new salon & passion project located right in the heart of the sleepy little town of Carroll, Ohio. I visited Altar Artistry to document its opening and create a tintype emulation portrait for Kate. When I discovered what she’d built there I swiftly fell in love with the space…and pretty much everything else about it. From the immaculately styled vintage finds, to the plants popping up from every surface, to the Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water/slash/coffee station, everything about Altar Artistry is equal parts cool and cozy. This is modeled after Kate herself, a self-described goofball whose welcoming aura has the effect of putting you immediately at ease. You can stay chill, too, knowing you are in the good hands of an incredibly talented individual with almost a decade of experience the chair. This isn’t idle praise - Kate did some magical, miracle voodoo on my head and now I have the best haircut of my life. Thanks, Kate!

The origin of her renegade idea (a hair salon AND a tattoo shop??? Yes please.) bloomed from the desire to share a space with like-minded makers, pouring goodness into the community one client at a time. “The “Artistry Co.” is for our beautiful collective of artists that all have unique talents and personalities and run their business independently exactly the way they dream of under one roof” says Kate, who is creating a space for stylists, makeup artists, tattooists and estheticians to come together to do what they love in a truly unique space full of incense smoke, cute decor and cheerful chatter.

The hair studio is open for business, but expect good things soon to come on the tattoo & esthetician front. “I’m addicted to learning new things and being completely immersed in this amazing industry,” says Kate. “ I’m becoming skilled in many things like permanent makeup, fine line tattoo and esthetic services. I promised I would never cheat myself out of an opportunity to learn something new and I’m so happy that I took my maternity leave to train in tattooing and facials. It’s on hold for just a sec while I create the most amazingly moody spot for it in the other room of the salon, but I’m so excited to get it up and running.”

From the routine haircut, to the biggest day of your life (yes, they also do Bridal hair and makeup!) to those spontaneous moments that call for manic decision bangs with lilac hair. Altar Artistry has you covered. In my post photoshoot chat with her, it was apparent that making people feel good is as important to her as creating this stunning studio. “I’m a part of something much bigger than “just doing hair.” I love spending time with clients, helping to improve their confidence inside and out and empowering them to make that feeling contagious when they leave the salon!”

You can book here and find their social media here.

Go visit Altar Artistry. Get your hair did and do your soul some good.

Kate's tintype.

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