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On bffs & making memories

two young women sit beside each other smiling and happy
BFF Schiller Park Photoshoot

Aren’t these two just the cutest?

So many people use photography services to capture special memories with their loved ones. We’ve all been scrolling Facebook at 8pm on a Sunday night to ward off the weekend blues, only to discover a surprise update from an old friend. One minute you’re lost in a blue light haze, the next there’s a familiar megawatt smile beaming at you in some fall field, toting a new baby that you may or may not have known existed. Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by a surprise marriage announcement on your feed.

Why not do so with your friends, as well?

That’s what my (secretly genius, sweetly generous) client Breonna chose to do to celebrate Ashlee’s 30th birthday. Not only did she go above and beyond, honoring a sacred bond of a twelve year friendship by booking a special photoshoot, but she also came armed with balloons, flowers and matching t-shirts. She truly thought of every single thing.

Think about it. Do you have any professional photographs with your close friends? Sure, we’ve all got a rotating bunch of selfies, and they’re serviceable enough. But will you look back at them in ten or twenty years, painfully aware of the outdated technology? Or worse, they might be lost forever in digital purgatory. I get a spontaneous heartache every time I think about my old cellphone with all the pictures of my cat as a kitten, all lost in time.

So, here’s what I’m proposing. Celebrate all the love in your life, and preserve it forever with images that capture what’s so beautiful about you and your loves. Familial, pet, romantic or platonic. It all deserves to be captured, just like what Breonna did for Ashlee.

If you’re interested in a friend portrait session in or around Columbus, Ohio I am hosting a special offer for 2023 - schedule an appointment with me, share some sweet memories and I’ll photograph you guys for half off the cost of my session fee. Here’s to friends & the people we love in this life.

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